TPB #22 – Building a Photo Booth

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This week I show you how I built a photo booth. The main elements used are:

Sparkbooth Software
Microsoft LifeCam
Photo Printer
Red Button
Old Mouse

And here are the resulting photos.

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TPB #21 – Measuring Lag from an RF603C Wireless Flash

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This week I measure the lag introduced by using the FR603C wireless flash unit. (Spoiler Alert.) The lag turned out to be 1.4 ms with a variance of 0.1 ms. This is fine for most photography. It’s even fine for some high speed photography like water droplets. However, it won’t work for really high speed photography like bullets where the bullet can travel over 15 inches in this amount of ...

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TPB #20 – Hacking a Yongnuo RF-603 Wireless Flash Transceiver

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The goal of this weeks video was to modify a Yongnuo RF-603 wireless flash system to work with the Camera Axe. I describe the process I go through to hack the device. In the end I find it doesn’t work with the Camera Axe because it’s trigger voltage is too low. If anyone has ideas on how to improve it or a different wireless flash system to try let me know.

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TPB #19 – Camera Axe 5.1 Software Released

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This week I go over the changes from 5.0 to the 5.1 Camera Axe software. This software only works with the Camera Axe 5 and the Camera Axe 5 Shield.

  • Added a new test motor menu
  • Cleanup menu code so it’s easier to add new menus
  • Changed scrolling algorithm in the advanced menu
  • Changed power off strings from Off_Sen1/Off_Sen2 to Off_Dev1/Off_Dev2. This is more flexible then controlling power from a sensor since you can and/or sensors in ...
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