TPB #3 – Laser Trigger Photography

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This episode show how to setup and use a laser trigger with the Camera Axe.

The main components you need are the Camera Axe, light sensor, laser sensor, camera cable, and a flash cable.

The use cases are for things like pet photography, security, wildlife photography, high speed photography, and much more.

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TPB #2 – Shutter Lag

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Hello, this is Maurice and I welcome you Tech Photo Blog. This is episode #2.

This episode measures the lag introduced by the Camera Axe.  Then I measure the actual shutter lag on a Canon 30D using two different methods.  The first involves using a front curtain flash and the second records a video of the shutter opening.   The reasons for the long shutter delay of 69 ms is broken down into ...

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TPB #1 – Lightning Photography

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Hello, this is Maurice and I welcome you Tech Photo Blog.  This is episode #1.

When you see a lightning strike, it is actually many micro-strikes.  Each micro-strike is very short with a duration of less than 1 ms (1/1,000th of second).  The time from the first to the last micro-strike (or the overall duration of a lightning strike) is about 100 ms.

Camera shutter lag is about 60 ms.  Here’s ...

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