TPB #65 – Finish Line Trigger Project

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In this video I show a complete weather proof finish line camera trigger. This is great if you photograph races and want to automate shots at once part of the course. It uses an ultrasonic sensor so there is no need for anything on the other side of the track. All you need is this single box that mounts on a tripod and your camera on another tripod.

On the technical side of ...

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TPB #22 – Building a Photo Booth

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This week I show you how I built a photo booth. The main elements used are:

Sparkbooth Software
Microsoft LifeCam
Photo Printer
Red Button
Old Mouse

And here are the resulting photos.

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TPB #1 – Lightning Photography

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Hello, this is Maurice and I welcome you Tech Photo Blog.  This is episode #1.

When you see a lightning strike, it is actually many micro-strikes.  Each micro-strike is very short with a duration of less than 1 ms (1/1,000th of second).  The time from the first to the last micro-strike (or the overall duration of a lightning strike) is about 100 ms.

Camera shutter lag is about 60 ms.  Here’s ...

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