TPB #90 – Analyzing Error in the Projectile Sensor

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The error of the Camera Axe’s projectile sensor is analyzed. Experiments are done in software to isolate the error which turns out to come almost entirely from the 4 microsecond granularity of the Camera Axe’s timer hardware. Then math is done on that 4 microsecond granularity to determine how that affects the reported speed of the bullet in the Camera Axe and the positioning of the bullet in a photo.

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TPB #76 – Air Cannon Versions 2

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In this episode I do an overview of the new air cannon I made to help take high speed photos with the Camera Axe of new interesting targets.

Check out if you want more information about building an air cannon.

See for more information about the Camera Axe.

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TPB #12 – Projectile Sensor Setup

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This episode discusses how to assemble the projectile sensor and connect it to the Alan Sailer’s Flickr Photostream

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