TPB #2 – Shutter Lag

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Hello, this is Maurice and I welcome you Tech Photo Blog. This is episode #2.

This episode measures the lag introduced by the Camera Axe.  Then I measure the actual shutter lag on a Canon 30D using two different methods.  The first involves using a front curtain flash and the second records a video of the shutter opening.   The reasons for the long shutter delay of 69 ms is broken down into the different stages of: closing lens aperture, mirror flip up, mirror debounce, and actually opening the shutter.

Here’s a site the lists the different shutter lags for lots of different cameras.

These Camera Axe pages describe shutter lag and how to work around it with flashes for high speed photography.


The idea from this episode came from Paul’s thread on the Camera Axe forums


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Maurice is a computer engineer, photographer, and all around renaissance man.