TPB #21 – Measuring Lag from an RF603C Wireless Flash

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This week I measure the lag introduced by using the FR603C wireless flash unit. (Spoiler Alert.) The lag turned out to be 1.4 ms with a variance of 0.1 ms. This is fine for most photography. It’s even fine for some high speed photography like water droplets. However, it won’t work for really high speed photography like bullets where the bullet can travel over 15 inches in this amount of time and have over an inch of variance.

So depending on the type of high speed photography you do you might be able to replace the wires with a wireless flash system, but it’s not for everyone. I’ll also point out that this flash doesn’t work with the camera axe for various reasons mentioned in last week’s post: It would be good to test some other wireless trigger systems to see how consistent the amount of lag is between different brands and maybe someday I’ll buy another one to test with.


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