TPB #32 – Camera Axe Helps Crowdsource Bullet Time Effects

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This week I am sharing some work from Guy Viner where he brings together a group of photographers to create a bullet time effect. The brilliance in this idea is you don’t need to buy a bunch of cameras since all your friends are bringing their cameras. This video goes through how he setup his shots. He was using the Camera Axe to help time his flashes.

Thanks to Guy Viner for letting me share his footage and to Rotary View for helping align the images.

DIYPhotography also did a post about Guy’s work so go check that out for more information.


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Maurice is a computer engineer, photographer, and all around renaissance man.


  1. MichaƂ  March 3, 2012

    Maybe stacking software like or software used to make panoramas would help aligning the photos during the procesing .