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[Update: The insurance company I was working with changed their mind after giving me a preliminary quote (I had thought it was finalized). Without the liability issuance I actually won’t be selling these. Feel free to contact me and get on a list if that changes, but at this time I’m not actually able to sell this device.]

This video introduces the new Airgap flash we’ve been working on for over a year. Airgap flashes are useful for very high speed photography such as photographing shooting bullets. With a duration of about a millionth of a second it is 30 times faster the normal flashes at their fastest settings. This allows photographers to capture photos that just weren’t possible before.

Currently, I’m looking for photographer who have some experience with high speed photography and would like to own an airgap flash. Use the contact link below if you are looking for an airgap flash.

Here are some links:
* The manual for this Airgap flash – It has a lot more information than this video
* The Camera Axe Forums where you can post questions and discuss airgap flashes
* My original airgap flash blog post from 2011 that details how to build your own airgap flash
* A contact page you can use to ask private question or see if I have any airgap flashes for sale

A huge thanks to Alan who helped in the design of this flash. Check out his amazing


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Maurice is a computer engineer, photographer, and all around renaissance man.


  1. Lou  November 26, 2013


    I am interested in your flash unit, if still available. Is it still for sale, and if so, at what price ?
    Also, are you comfortable that its… past the prototype stage – debugged and predictable ?
    I have built a few crude spark flashes so I understand that these can be tricky in a number of ways….


  2. Maurice  November 30, 2013

    As I mentioned in the show notes I ran into insurance issues so that flash isn’t available. I’m working on a solution to this to have another company sell them. If this works out they should cost less than the price I mentioned in the video because they would have less expensive liability coverage which was a large portion of the cost for me to sell these flashes. Keep an eye out for these flashes.

  3. Andrew Tuohy  July 21, 2014

    If you ever do get around to selling these, please let me know; I’d be happy to sign away all liability claims; I don’t care if the thing has uranium inside and will cause me to grow into a Super Mutant.